Peutz hosts annual EGOLF meeting


Our Laboratory for Fire Safety aims for the highest quality level and operates in the market as a specialist for fire resistance, reaction to fire and smoke control, mainly for the building industry. To keep our knowledge up-to-date we play an active role within the EGOLF-organisation. For example, j.mertens [at] (Jacques Mertens) has been elected as executive committee member for the next three years and we host harmonisation courses at Peutz on a regular basis. Also our staff members join courses and workshops from EGOLF as much as possible.

For these reasons we are proud of the fact that the Peutz Laboratory for Fire Safety has been a 'Full member' of EGOLF since 2010.

Organisation EGOLF

EGOLF stands for "European Group of Organisations for Fire Testing, Inspection and Certification". It is the main representative body for third party, independent and nationally recognised organizations involved at a European level in the fire testing of materials, components or products in support of fire safety legislation. Such organisations may in addition be involved in inspection and/or certification related to fire safety legislation. EGOLF activities are mainly centred on passive fire protection.

Annual meeting

Waalbrug Nijmegen









On April 9, 10 and 11 we are delighted to host the annual meeting in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. During these three days topics regarding fire resistance and reaction to fire are discussed, both on testing level (ISO 17025) and certification level (ISO 17065). Over 100 specialists from all over Europe will gather. During this meeting a visit to our laboratories will be made. The guests will be guided through our laboratories for building physics, wind technology, sound and of course also fire safety.

More information: h.leenders [at] (Harm Leenders)