Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference 2015


Visit us during Offshore Energy, October 13-14, in booth 11.050, Amsterdam Rai, The Netherlands. At this years exhibition we'll highlight recent developments in noise prediction on board vessels, underwater noise measurements and the use of wind tunnel research in the design process.The offshore industry has seen an increasing demand for vessels with a comfort class notation. Noise and vibration control are of key importance in the early stages of the design process to meet these demands. Peutz uses a dedicated finite element hybrid method to assess structural vibration levels and airborne noise radiation in the early design stage.

Wind tunnel research helps the ship designer to assess wind loads on vessels for optimisation of the DP system and stability analysis. In a similar approach current loads can be assessed in the wind tunnel. In addition to helicopter flight safety regarding turbulence and hot gas plume effects an increasing attention for air quality on-board vessels is seen. Turbulence measurements, exhaust flow visualisation and tracer gas measurements in the wind tunnel can provide detailed predictions of the turbulence level and temperature rise at the helideck and the air quality on-board the vessel. The specialists of Peutz can assist in optimising the vessel configuration.

An increase in regulations concerning underwater noise is observed in recent years. Especially in the installation of offshore wind turbines piling noise is of major concern. To protect the marine ecosystem the German authorities (Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie) have established a limit value for piling noise.

Meet our specialists in booth 11.050.

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